LEAF Community


Unfortunately we don't offer a LEAF 2018 Membership.


We at LEAFGEAR want to show our appreciation to the LEAF community by offering discounts and exclusive products to loyal LEAF members. That’s why we offer our LEAF community members significant discounts starting at 20% on Recommended Retail Prices. These discounts does not apply for Discontinued Merchandise (DM) or other products in our Sale section.

If you are part of the LEAF community you can become a member for only €25,-. Each membership will be valid till the end of the calender year, no matter if you became a member early or late in the year. Membership can be renewed yearly.

You could benefit from these discounts and exclusive products by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Do I qualify?
If you are part of one of these communities and live in Europe, you are able to apply and become a LEAF member: 


Step 2: Register and create an account.

Step 3
: Purchase your membership here.

Step 4: Send an e-mail to intel@leafgear.com in which you provide us with the folowing information:

  • Your registered name.
  • Your registerd e-mail address.
  • Your order number of your LEAF membership purchase.
  • Proof that you qualify.There are three different ways to do this:
    1. OR you send a copy of your work ID to prove you qualify (you may cover your national identification number, we only need your name).
    2. OR send the e-mail using your professional account (e.g. john_doe@mindef.nl).
    3. OR get introduced by at least 2 other LEAF members who have already qualified.

Step 5:
  Wait till you have been approved by our staff. We will check if the membership fee is payed and if you qualify. You will receive an e-mail with confirmation. It depends on the working hours when you will receive the confirmation e-mail. 

After you receive a confirmation e-mail you can now login. You now see the regular prices automaticly with a discount. The products in the DM/Sale/Outlet section will stay the same, because they already have a discount.