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A modular cinch strap designed to reroute the shoulder pads of a pack down the front of your IBA, MTV or other body armor to ease chafe, bleeding and nerve damage

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Packs and body armor – a painful combination. Typically, the pack’s shoulder pads slide off the armor and cut into your armpits, causing them to chafe and bleed. Over time this can even cause permanent nerve damage. The pack can flop around, and the chest strap on many packs can interfere and tangle with your tactical loadout.

The designers at Mystery Ranch have created a solution – adding a modular cinch strap to the front of your IBA, MTV or other body armor. The Mystery Cinch reroutes the shoulder pads of your pack down the front of your armor keeping the shoulder pads from cutting into your armpits.

This routing keeps your pack’s shoulder straps extended longer than normal, allowing you to quickly dump your pack by pulling the single quick release buckle.

The Mystery Cinch works with ANY pack from a CamelBak hydration pack up thorugh MOLLE, ILBE, ALICE Rucks and all Mystery Ranch packs of course!

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