Manta - M2 Barrel Sleeve Manta

The use of revolutionary materials, coupled with cutting-edge designs has allowed Manta to solve a problem that plagues the 50 caliber machine gun barrel, HEAT!

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The Manta M2 Barrel Sleeve will resist the extreme heat generated from the barrel; thus, protecting operators and gear from accidental burns while changing or handling a hot barrel. The M2 sleeve also helps to reduce mirage and IR signature. The Manta M2 Barrel Sleeve can remain on the barrel at all times including during sustained or automatic fire. The Manta M2 Barrel Sleeve will not melt!

  • Mitigates heat to protect operators and gear from burns
  • Eliminates the need for handles, mitts or gloves
  • Revolutionary material that will not melt
  • Resist chemicals and abrasion
  • Reduces mirage and IR signature
  • All-weater no-slip grip
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